Your Gift Matters 

When you contribute to The Care Foundation, you are giving hope to your fellow employees in their time of need.

My 18-month-old son Jaxon was admitted at Norton Children's Hospital in mid-November 2018 with both RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and pneumonia. What we thought would be a week or so long stint turned into an absolutely life or death situation. We had a 3-week old baby and 3 1/2-year-old at home while all of this was going on as well. He ended up going on ECMO, which is a life support device that essentially takes over for the heart and lungs and oxygenates the blood. We were there through Thanksgiving, and then that turned into a stay until December 23rd, when we were finally discharged. To say this was the scariest and darkest time in my family's life is an absolute understatement.

Throughout this ordeal, the outpouring of love and support from friends, family, and Heartland was overwhelming. Our church held a night of prayer for Jaxon, and a representative from Heartland Cares Foundation arranged to have a check delivered to us that night. I never even reached out requesting help! My co-workers at Heartland caught wind of the severity of the situation, saw a need and just acted. Words cannot express how thankful we are for this. This money is being used to get Jaxon back to 100% via his various therapies several times a week. We truly will never forget the kindness shown to our family.

-Bill Nutini

On August 1, 2018 my life changed forever. I lost my son, who was my best friend. I have never felt so helpless, lost, and confused. The next couple of days were a blur of sleepless nights, and people in & out. I didn't know how I was going to do this. He was my go to person! One night, two of my co-workers drove 45 mins to see me, bringing dinner, doing laundry, and helping me to locate things that were needed for the next few days. They told me about the Heartland Cares Foundation.

A short while later, I received a call stating a check would be coming to me in a few days. I remember going outside, looking up and saying thank you God, thank you Heartland! A heavy burden was lifted from me. I can never put into words the feelings I had that day, of relief, hope, encouragement, but most of all love, from people that do not even know me. Knowing you work with people that truly care is a blessing that I count daily. And my son’s smile in the picture on my desk reminds me daily “You got this Momma”, and I can work on my future with my family and friends behind me.

-Bobbie Jo Klinksiek

My family and I would sincerely like to thank you for your consideration and assistance to our family during the time we were taking care of our son Martin. Martin is the most amazing young man, and has been fighting his entire life, being premature and having a kidney transplant. We used to joke that we have dealt with so much that there is no way we could cross paths with cancer. We were wrong. His diagnosis threw us into the hospital for several weeks. It was hands down the toughest time of our lives. Your assistance allowed me to step away from work for a few minutes and focus on the care of my son. I am happy to update you that he recently completed his final chemotherapy treatment, and in a couple of days we will go to review hopefully clear results.

I started at Heartland 4 years ago. I already knew it was the best decision of my life, but seeing firsthand how you truly care for us is what will keep me here as long as you will have me. With gratitude, Justin, Joni, & Martin Howe

-Justin Howe

My story is one that needs to be told. It is about my 16 year old son, Patrick Owen Murphy. He was going into his junior year of high school. He was an honor student and a 3 sport athlete. In June 2018, my son and I were out fishing on a Sunday evening. All of a sudden he looked at me and said “Dad I have a headache, I can’t feel my neck, take me to the hospital.” Patrick was flown to John Hopkins hospital and battled for two days in ICU. He had an AVM (arteriovenous malformation), which was a ticking time bomb in his head. The damage he suffered from the hemorrhage was too great and he did not make it.

Just a week before the incident he had gotten his driver’s license, and elected on his own, to be an organ donor. Patrick saved 5 lives with the gift of his organs. Our lives changes that day. My family and I were left with many expenses and the loss of my son. Heartland Cares Foundation was there for my family. Patrick always thought of others and was kind. I was never an organ donor, and now I am. I have never experienced working for a company like Heartland before. I have never given to an organization like Heartland Cares. Now I contribute to Heartland Cares, and I learned about giving from my son. He had done so much in the short time he was on this planet.

-Michael Murphy

I was unfortunate enough to have a life alerting health experience where I broke my neck and was out of work for several months. I was only receiving 60% of my pay for several months, and got behind. One of my co-workers recommend that I reach out to the Heartland Cares Foundation. I was granted assistance and was able to catch up. Without the assistance I do not know where I would be now. It was a truly humbling experience because I have never asked for help. I am forever grateful that the Heartland Cares Foundation exists.

-Nicole Arnold

January 15th 2018, our hall, family room and kitchen area were filling with suffocating, black smoke. I ran to the stairwell and yelled to the girls who were just getting into bed- Fire! There’s a Fire! I am getting your jackets and shoes. We need to get out now. I realized every second counted so I picked up the land line and dialed 911 to let them know our home was on fire and we were in trouble. Then, only two weeks after our fire, while living in an extended stay hotel, I was in an accident. As a result of the accident I broke 7 ribs, punctured my lung and lacerated my liver.

For the first time ever I had to rely solely on others around me to help. Recuperating in a trauma unit I could not physically do what needed to be done for our family. It’s a terrible feeling and not one I ever want experience again. But it is truly amazing the difference that the people around you can make. A home cooked meal or cookies dropped off, hotel staff support, all had larger impacts on our spirits than anyone will ever know. But some of the most impactful of all was felt from the support we received from all of you, our Heartland Family, and the unique spirit that makes up the HCF. The generosity of the Heartland Cares Foundation was invaluable to our recovery during an incredibly challenging period in our lives. Health. Family. Friends. And co-workers you can call a family. Words will never express our appreciation but please accept our gratitude for the impact you’ve made in our lives and our spirits during the last year and beyond.

-Steve Grant

What do you do when the strongest hurricane in history strikes the Florida panhandle, right where you live? The truth is, as a family we did not know what to do. Our livelihood was completely in jeopardy. Even after having a very successful first year with Heartland Payment Systems, this hurricane brought our family’s progress to a screeching halt. We were without power, trees were down everywhere, and all food had spoiled. Banks were closed. Our merchants were not open for business in a traditional fashion. Most of them were only taking cash if they were open. We waited in line for gas for over three hours. Walmarts were closed as their refrigeration systems were down and food spoilage had to be removed and generators brought in before they could receive food shipments. On top of these challenges, our personal bills were still coming due. The mortgage had to be paid, car payments had to be made etc.

Our residual payments fell off of the face of the earth. You couldn’t drive anywhere to go sign up new merchants. If the merchants were open, they were usually involved in humanitarian help as opposed to making decisions on who was processing their credit cards. We were in a real pickle.

I placed one phone call to our company’s Heartland Cares Foundation, and they immediately came to our rescue. They provided the ability for us to have food, pay cash for gas, and to stay current with our household bills. They, for all practical purposes, carried our family for a month while our devastated area came back online. Even now it chokes me up as I think about the gracious help that the Foundation provided me and my family. We will always be grateful for the helping hand. Heartland truly cares about our employees. I love this company!

-Steve Hicks

In March of 2019, I will have been with Heartland for three years. What I love about this company is that you are running your own business, but are never “alone” in your business. The support is always there. When I became ill in 2018, that support was realized. After being diagnosed on June 1st 2018 with stage IIIc Breast Cancer, one of my concerns was how I would be able to take care of my family and keep my business on track. In July, I had become vested, and by August, my chemotherapy treatment had started to wear on me, and my business started to suffer. Prospecting became difficult, and I was starting to fall behind on my bills.

My High School friend, Cheryl Crisp, who brought me to Heartland was aware of my situation. Both she and my VP, Evan Perdikouris suggested I put in an application for Heartland Cares. On November 2nd, I put in the application, and by November 7th they had gotten back to me letting me know that they will be awarding me funds from the program. I was so relieved! This allowed me to concentrate on my upcoming surgery on November 28th, and on healing.

I am so thankful and fortunate to work for a company that has programs like Heartland Cares. Heartland does indeed "Care" about its employees.

-Susan Nock

I want to start by thanking Heartland Cares first and foremost for their great kindness shown to me and my family. My story is not anything huge but the need to share is great. While at work I had a problem with my heart and passed out on the call floor. I was taken to the hospital where they had to put a stent into place. A stent is a device that opens up the blood vessel to allow blood flow to and from the heart.

My memory fades me, but I believe I was off work for about 2 weeks. At that time we had a number of large bills due and no funds in which to pay them. Not knowing where to run I talked to my RSD to find out if I could work more overtime. He referred me to Heartland Cares. I knew about Heartland Cares and gave to the foundation in ways of casual days, bake sales and so on but never really knew it could ever help me. I can't ever thank all those who helped me out in words. But in my heart, I give thanks every day that I work for such a great company and an extended family like Heartland Payment Systems. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for helping me and my family.

-Mark Ray

This past year I submitted an application to Heartland Cares Foundation for assistance with my son's medical treatment which was not covered by either my wife's or Heartland insurance providers. I just wanted to give thanks to the Heartland Cares Foundation and their donation for this treatment. Nathan grew just under 2 inches in 120 days. This was truly a life changing experience for our son as seen with his improving grades and personal self esteem. We are so thankful for the Heartland Cares Foundation and its generosity. It is good to know that goodness in the world still exists and that my family has experienced this goodness within the GREAT company that I work for.

-Chris Adams

Earlier this year, I was forced because of a medical need to basically take off two months from my work as an RM with Heartland. Expenses mounted as income fell - HCF came to the rescue through a referral from my RD. Though the need was short term, the effects could have knocked me out of work for far longer than the medical needs. We are still getting back on our feet, but I plan to make HCF a regular deduction from my paycheck.


I am an employee who has been with Heartland for a little more than three years now. I am a single parent of three children. I found myself needing help and who would have thought that I could find that help at my place of employment? I had never heard such a thing. I had heard and contributed to the Heartland Cares Foundation but wasn't sure what it all entailed. I began to read about Heartland Cares merely out of desperation and to my surprise that was the resource I needed. I filled out and submitted the paperwork and was approved for assistance. Heartland Cares not only helped me with my hardship, but they provided me with an education to continue to make wise budget decisions.

HCF is a great organization for those who absolutely could not go anywhere else for assistance. When no one else cared Heartland Cared! After my experience with Heartland Cares I have since decided to contribute more so that the next person who has a hardship will be able to get assistance. Heartland Cares is not a crutch but a bridge to get employees over troubled water! For that I am very thankful.


Melissa Seigle's son, Kristian, was diagnosed with leukemia in September 2006. That October, HPS announced that the traditional HMO type insurance plan was changing from having to pay a small copay per visit to having to pay $6,000 out of pocket. Needless to say that in addtion to the stress of dealing with their son's leukemia, they worried about how to pay for his treatment. The famly hit their deductible and out of pocket very fast. Then the Heartland Cares Foundation stepped in to assist with paying the catastrophic medical bills. The biggest burden had been lifted off of the family so they could concentrate solely on Kristian's leukemia. "We would not have made it through it if not for the help from Heartland Cares Foundation."

-Melissa Seigle