The Heartland Cares Foundation (The Care Foundation) is a non-profit organization funded by employees of our company. The mission of the Foundation is to provide eligible US employees with financial support during times of natural disasters, emergencies, and other extraordinary financial hardships beyond their control.

The Heartland Cares Foundation was formed in September 2005 after hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast region. Heartland had several employees impacted by these events and, as a result, the Company created The Heartland Cares Foundation to help organize the outpouring of support other employees wanted to provide to the impacted employees. Since then The Heartland Cares Foundation has continued to provide support to employees who have endured traumatic events in their lives. 

Since its formation in 2005, The Heartland Cares Foundation has provided over $1.8 million in financial assistance to employees in need. In 2022 alone, we helped 30 employees, providing over $125,000 in assistance. 

The Care Foundation is truly making a difference in the lives of employees with disaster and emergency relief. None of this would be possible without contributions from employees like you.

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