Requesting Assistance

  • Assistance may be provided at the Board's discretion for needs, which fall within the charitable purpose of The Care Foundation.

  • Employees are eligible to apply for assistance once per rolling calendar year (once in any 12 month period beginning on the date on which the application was made) with the exception of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. There is a $5,000 per rolling calendar-year limit and $20,000 maximum lifetime limit per employee, although the Board may make exceptions to the limit on a case by case basis or provide other forms of assistance.

  • An applicant’s position in the company, length of service, continued employment, or similar factors will not be considered in selecting applicants for support.

  • Applicant must provide a narrative description of how The Care Foundation can help.

  • Application must provide documentation regarding expenses and other relevant financial information including, but not limited to, copies of bills and medical bills, bank statements, and relevant court documents. Applicants should redact all social security and bank account or other account numbers before submitting supporting documentation.

  • If assistance is approved, the employee may be requested to attend relevant courses recommended by The Care Foundation.

  • If in sales, the applicant should consider selling his/her portfolio or portions thereof prior to requesting assistance from The Care Foundation.

The application form must be fully, accurately and truthfully completed. The applicant may be required to furnish additional information and/or documentation to support their application and/or verify the information provided. The Care Foundation will typically approve or deny an application within one week.

By submitting this application, and unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, you hereby authorize The Care Foundation, including its board members or employees, to contact third parties to validate the information contained in the application for purposes of determining whether assistance can be provided. Any violation of company policy or applicable law may result in appropriate discipline including termination.

Complete the Assistance Form below. Fill in the form completely and gather all required documentation. Once you submit your application through the form provided below, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.